How long does each service appointment take?
A typical visit lasts from one to two hours.  We charge a flat fee for all service visits not hourly.

Is your company fully insured?
YES. Dynamic Tank Designs carries commercial liability with a $2 Million limit, business insurance as well as workers compensation policy.  We are fully protected for any incidents on your premises.  Insurance is very expensive and most insurance companies do not offer our level of protection therefore most of our competitors carry little to no insurance at all.

Can you provide customer testimonials?
All you have to do is ask.

What hours do you operate for service?
In order to accommodate all customers we offer a flexible scheduling system.   Just let us know what time you prefer. We have a locked key box for customers who wish to allow access to their home or business.  All keys are secured 24/7 and alarm codes are kept private.

What is included with each aquarium service?
A visit includes a visual inspection of the entire aquarium, both filtration and livestock.  The algae is cleaned off the glass/ acrylic, we drain out a portion of the water and replace it with fresh water.  A full water test is preformed and chemicals are administered as needed.  We have a decoration swap program where we bring new decorations to your tank and give you a change of scenery each visit.

How many fish can I keep in my tank?
This depends on many factors, tank size frequency of cleanings and how often you feed the tank.  Your aquarium technician will be able to determine the correct bio load for your tank.

Will you teach us the aquarium hobby?
We want you to be as hands on as you wish.  Teaching is the fun part of the job.  We assist many local schools and teach kids about the ecosystem in the aquarium.

How much does aquarium service cost?
We offer affordable service plans for tanks of all sizes.  Key factors are how your often your tank is serviced, size of tank, and location.   Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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